World Championship Boxing Manager 2 This Year

Ziggurat Interactive announces World Championship Boxing Manager 2 is coming to PC via Steam later this year, and console editions will follow in 2023. This sports management sequel is being rushed out just 32 years after the launch of the original World Championship Boxing Manager. Those attending PAX West this weekend will be able to check this out at the Ziggurat booth. Here's the previously released Announcement Trailer with a look, and here's more on this chance to teach boxers to eat lightning and crap thunder:
Get ready to rock the ring, as Ziggurat Interactive announces the impending release of World Championship Boxing Manager 2 for PC. An official sequel to 1990’s highly regarded World Championship Boxing Manager, this latest entry in the series will offer players a one-two punch of business tycoon and boxing simulation gameplay. Hire trainers, recruit a roster of boxers – including former pro boxers Rocky Marciano™ and Sugar Ray Robinson™ – and show the world why you own the top slot on the fight card. World Championship Boxing Manager 2 arrives on PC in Q4 2022, and follow up with a console release in 2023 for Xbox One, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

World Championship Boxing Manager 2 features retro-tastic, 32-bit styled visuals and modernizes the series by adding dynamic lighting, an updated interface, and more fights than you can shake your glove at! Hone your fighters to the limit in career mode, or jump into story mode to follow the journeys of real-life boxers on their way from the bottom to the top. However you play it, World Championship Boxing Manager 2 will get you in the ring this year.