Saints Row Released

Saints Row is now available for Windows via the Epic Games Store and for consoles, offering the latest installment in the open-world action series. If you missed it, we posted a roundup of reviews yesterday. The live action launch trailer is an interesting choice, given the loose relationship the series has always had with reality. So you know how the Fast and Furious series is said to be all about family? Turns out Saints Row is all about community:
Because really, beyond the cash, guns, cash, pimped-out rides, and cash, the Saints are really about one thing: community. This generation of Saints is no different. Will they blast the city with bazooka-fueled chaos and hijack your car straight from gliding in a wingsuit? Sure, but they do it with love. Of course, this is nothing new to the folks living in Santo Ileso.

Help Santo Ileso keep it weird with the game’s Boss Factory character creation suite. As one of the most robust character creators in gaming, Boss Factory pushes players to experiment with every part of your Boss, expressing themselves as they truly want to be seen. If you want to ditch the cowboy getup and go for something a bit more classy, say, a purple suit or a head-to-toe coat of gold spray paint, it can be done anytime, anywhere. Smash that customization button and take total design control of the new Saints HQ and the gang themselves. Dress up your gangsters, decide what they ride, and trick out your pad. You’re the boss, and what you say goes.