Path of Exile: The Lake of Kalandra Live

The Lake of Kalandra expansion is now live, as promised, in the PC edition of Path of Exile, the free-to-play action/RPG from Grinding Gears Games. This is also coming to consoles, and is expected next week. This page has all the details along with a timer counting off the seconds until the console release. You can read the extensive version 3.19.0 update notes in this forum thread. Here's the Official Trailer and an overview:
You may recognise Kalandra from the infamous Mirror of Kalandra, Path of Exile's most valuable item. The Lake of Kalandra expansion explores the identity of this iconic character and allows you a taste of her power.

Our August expansion contains the Kalandra challenge league, improvements to the Atlas endgame, four new gems, 14 new unique items, 100+ buffed existing uniques, revamps to Harvest, Beyond and Archnemesis, a variety of balance changes and much more!