Madden NFL 23 Kicks Off

EA SPORTS announces the launch of Madden NFL 23, the latest iteration of the long-running officially licensed tackle football simulation. This is for PC and consoles, and the Windows edition can be purchased through Origin, the Epic Games Store, and Steam. As is usually the case, this game turns the usual dynamic on its head by offering advances on consoles that are not available on PC:
With namesake Coach John Madden celebrated across all covers and powered by the gamewide impact of the FieldSENSE™ Gameplay System on PS5™ system and Xbox Series X|S versions, Madden NFL 23 delivers the most authentic 11v11 football simulation experience yet.

Fans across the world have experienced FieldSENSE and the new foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay that it sets through early access and now everyone is welcome to showcase their skills on the sticks through the new level of control it brings. FieldSENSE delivers deeper realism on the field through animation branching technology that enables Hit Everything to redefine interactions on defense, while new mechanics such as 360 Cuts allow players to change direction on a dime with ball-carriers, and Skill Based Passing offers players complete control to place the ball exactly where they want. Plus, improvements to core gameplay systems bring a new level of balance with upgrades to defensive coverages, the pass rush, and containing mobile quarterbacks.