Iron Harvest Free Weekend

Iron Harvest is free to check out all weekend on Steam, offering the chance to sample this RTS game set in an alternate-history dieselpunk version of World War I. This comes just in time to try out a new map and newly added starting scenarios. The hope is to harvest some gold from new players, as the game is on sale for 70% off for those who decide to pick it up. Here's a bit on the new content:
With the free update in June, the award-winning RTS Iron Harvest kicked off the World Map Campaign Mode. The well-balanced mix of turn-based and real-time strategy garnered praise from players thanks to its replayability with over 40 new missions to start.

Giving players even more to sink their teeth into, Iron Harvest now gets a new world campaign map, Archipelago. Set up as a small continent, some regions on the exterior are connected while those on the inside are separated by several bodies of water. The continent’s center is the key to success, making it the heart of the map.