Embracer Acquires Tripwire and More

In addition to the Middle-earth acquisition mentioned above, Embracer announces it has "entered into five acquisition agreements alongside one unannounced acquistion [sic]." The highest profile purchase in this ongoing absorption of the game industry is the agreement to acquire Tripwire Interactive. The developer of Killing Floor, Rising Storm, Maneater, and more will operate as a subsidiary under the Saber Interactive operative group. Here's word:
Founded in 2005 in Roswell, GA, Tripwire has continually developed successful titles, with the Killing Floor series boasting over 35 million players, Rising Storm series over 14 million players and Maneater over 16 million players. Their publishing division, Tripwire Presents, continues to be a major growth area that has strong partnerships with various developers. They recently launched Chivalry 2 which has sold over 2 million units and upcoming titles include Espire 2 (VR) and Deceive Inc. The company has today grown to 113 employees in its Georgia office.

Co-founder and CEO Alan Wilson will stay on in his role and continue to run Tripwire along with Bill Munk, Co-founder and Lead Combat Designer, and David Hensley, Design Director. Co-Founder John Gibson will be pursuing opportunities outside of Tripwire.