Rift Sweepers Next Month

JOFSOFT announces Rift Sweepers will come to Early Access via Steam in March 2023. This is a squad-based third-person shooter where the player travels interdimensional rifts with guns blazing with up to three teammates. The Early Access Release Date Trailer shows off gameplay and Unreal Engine 4 graphics. This all seems pretty serious until you get to the point in the announcement about restoring health using pizza, fighting in the sewers, and other unusual elements that don't even have anything to do with ninja turtles. Here's word:
Collect pizza boxes falling from the sky to replenish energy and ammunition. Pass around the pie to your fellow Rift Sweepers to keep their heads in the game. Acquire licenses from the Rift Sweeper Headquarters (RSHQ) to upgrade your arsenal and eviscerate vicious bosses that lie at the end of each mission. Ride a time-traveling train and survive four treacherous missions on the subway, the sewers, a cyber restaurant, and an ancient sorcerer’s tomb. Divide and conquer wisely to complete missions and save reality… or succumb to a dragon’s flames, a clown’s insanity, or a goat wizard’s strange dark magic.

Chill at a bar sitting at the intersection of dimensionality in your downtime. In this lobby, players can select and upgrade their characters, choose a mission, socialize with friends, or buy drinks that confer increased HP, attack power, stamina recovery and more from a friendly female bartender. Being a Rift Sweeper has its perks!

In Rift Sweepers, players will encounter savage wereboars, oversized insects, minigun-wielding masked shooters, and more as they wade their way through uncharted realms and attempt to restore the universe’s fabric of existence. Stronger foes like the ice-conquering wendigo will test your team’s coordination skills and determine whether you and your friends truly deserve to be Rift Sweepers.