Roadwarden Next Month; Demo Released

The Steam Listing for Roadwarden now includes a playable demo for this text-based RPG from developer Moral Anxiety Studio and publisher Assemble Entertainment. This celebrates the announcement that September 8th is the game's official release date. The full version is coming to Windows, macOS, and Linux, but the demo does not include macOS support. A new Release Date Reveal Trailer shows off the game's retro pixel art. Here's what you need to know about this one:
Roadwarden merges elements of high fantasy and medieval adventure and is punctuated by a distinct isometric pixel art style. Combining mechanics borrowed from RPGs, visual novels, and interactive fiction, Roadwarden tells the tale of an explorer hired by a powerful merchant guild, tasked with journeying to a mysterious peninsula to spread the guild’s influence. With over 40 hours of gameplay, dialogue choices that branch into hundreds of thousands of text lines, and progressively upgradable character abilities, Roadwarden is a truly epic and unique adventure experience where no two playthroughs are alike.