BATTALION 1944 Becomes F2P BATTALION: Legacy

The Steam Listing for BATTALION: Legacy announces the World War II MOBA formerly known as BATTALION 1944 is now free-to-play. This post from last week explains that this is the result of the end of the game's publishing agreement with Square Enix. This also means that the planned console versions are cancelled, and Kickstarter backers will receive refunds for that. Here's how the game has changed:
BATTALION: Legacy is the revisited and final version of Battalion 1944, released for free to all on August 16th 2022. We have taken the best aspects of Battalion 1944 and honed in on these to create a fluid bug free experience, featuring a working server browser, an added faction, new weapons, classic Search & Destroy game mode with all weapons available, complete UI rework and visual overhaul. Battalion: Legacy is the culmination of work consolidated into one old school experience for all to enjoy.