Lord British Preparing Iron And Magic Land Sales

The Iron And Magic Website is online as home to the blockchain-based MMORPG in development at DeMeta, the startup developer from Richard "Lord British" Garriott and former ION Storm executive Todd Porter. This is gearing up to sell virtual plots of land for Iron And Magic. As noted by PC Gamer, one of the things that blockchain technology adds is the potential for disappointment:
It's a rough time to launch a digital world with blockchain-backed real estate, cryptocurrencies more broadly experienced a real humdinger of a Spring, with Bitcoin and Ethereum precipitously dropping in value and so-called stablecoins fluctuating in a decidedly not stable manner. That instability extends to NFT real estate: Cointelegraph reports that six of the largest Ethereum-based metaverse projects featuring digital real estate purchases like those promised by Iron and Magic saw an 85% decline in average price of those assets in recent months. Additionally, unlike a, you know, real life bit of real estate, you can't do cool things like grill out or play frisbee golf on your suddenly worthless plot of digital land.