Vikings on Trampolines Announced

Owlboy developer D-Pad Studio announces Vikings on Trampolines, a co-op adventure coming to PC and consoles. The Announcement Trailer offers a look at the game's fast-paced platformer gameplay, nostalgic throwback graphics, and the obvious appeal of Vikings sensuously jiggling as they defy gravity. Here's more:
Featuring a Story Mode that sets you on a quest to stop the gaseous villain Balloonie, as well as a head-to-head Versus Mode, Vikings on Trampolines is packed with minigames, battles, mind-blowing bosses, balloon-soccer and more. All of this can be played with a single thumbstick, opening the game to players of all ages and ensuring that you can become a master of air-time in no-time!

Vicious balloons attack! They’re turning sweet animalis into huge monsters! Vikings on Trampolines’ Story Mode tasks you with rescuing King VI and reversing the Balloonie’s curse! You must learn the way of the trampoline and use your bouncy techniques as you square off against Balloonie’s brigade, including a roster of intimidating and unforgettable bosses full of personality.