Ship of Fools in November

Team17 and Fika Productions announce November 22nd is the official release date for Ship of Fools, the solo/co-op action/roguelite set on the high seas. So we can save World Party from tomorrow, but the band is on its own come November. A new Release Date Trailer celebrates the news with a look at the game's offbeat, hand-drawn style. Here's more on the course the game is following:
Team17 and Fika Productions have announced that bombastic solo or two-player co-op roguelite, Ship of Fools, will launch on 22nd November. Set among the islands and outcrops of the Archipelago, Ship of Fools follows a group of plucky sailors – The Fools – as they set out across the choppy waters of their watery world, combat creatures from the deep, and attempt to thwart The Everlasting Storm and the Aquapocalypse! Along the way, the Fools will have to work together and master the cannons, repair their ship – Stormstrider – from damage caused by monstrous boarding parties and missile lobbing leviathans, and tread an unlikely path to victory!

Disembarking on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, Ship of Fools and its cast of characters – each with their own special abilities to help steer the crew to success – will encounter varied roguelite runs through the Archipelago. Each time they start a new voyage they’ll find something new to experience, whether that’s some of the 100+ unique trinkets to find and collect (and to combine as part of a winning strategy) or strange new islands to explore.