Stuntfest - World Tour Playtest

A playtest is now underway for Stuntfest - World Tour, a racing/extreme sports game that will reward you for getting in touch with your inner jackass. You can see the game in action in the yesterday's new Summer of Stunts Trailer. If you are interested in taking part in testing, you can request access on Steam. Bear in mind the following caveat: "Keep in mind that the Summer of Stunts build is a very early version of Stuntfest, which likely won't reflect the final product." Here's more on the game:
Stuntfest – World Tour is the sweet adrenaline-kicking mix between racing and extreme sports with an unique aimed ejection mechanism. 18 players compete against each other in an elimination-based Stuntshow through various nerve-wrecking game modes. The goal? To shine on stage and become the winner of the festival.

Characters turn into living projectiles, ejected out of the vehicles and catapulted hundreds of meters through the air. The player maintains control when maneuvering their character while hurtling over vast distances and after crashing through unpredictable obstacles. Up in the air, the player can take advantage of quirky gadgets to reach secret shortcuts and turn the tables at the last second. And the best part: Recover after a high jump and dive back into the next vehicle on the road!