Out of the Blue

I never imagined our weekly trip to the farm to pick up our CSA share would prove so entertaining. On the other hand, we still don't get out much these days, so maybe my bar is particularly low. Yesterday we were out in the fields picking our share of cherry tomatoes when we happened upon a chicken. And then another... and another. You can see where this is going. We got to the end of the row of plants, and found it adjacent to a chicken coop. And to go along with our newfound appreciation of the literal meaning of terms like low-hanging fruit and easy pickings, yesterday we got to experience chickens who had flown the coop. Or at least squeezed through the fence. Dozens and dozens of them had done so, leaving at least as many outside as inside. The weird thing was how they flocked to me when I went over to see what was what. Weird to me, at least. I don't have a lot of chicken experience to fall back on. Before I knew it I was surrounded by hens like some mystical poultry god (or at least a rooster). So I led them all back towards the coop as best I could and then ditched them by striding away faster than they could follow. We let the staff know and apparently help was dispatched. Hopefully everyone was recovered safely and the fence was repaired before the hawks found out what was going on.

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