Tempest Rising Announced

Another announcement from THQ Nordic's showcase is Tempest Rising, which is in development at Slipgate Ironworks. This has nothing to do with the seminal arcade game Tempest, it's a classic-style RTS where tempest is the MacGuffin that drives the plot. According to its Steam Listing, this is "coming soon." Here's the Announcement Trailer and more:
Classic RTS action meets modern production and performance in Tempest Rising. Inspired by RTS greats of the 90s and 2000s, Tempest Rising is a classic, base-building real time strategy game set in a modern day alternative history war scenario. It features 3 unique factions, each with its own approach to combat and economy and offering a variety of strategies for players of all stripes, maps with neutral structures to contest and neutral populations to contend with, deep and rewarding gameplay that keeps a focus on strategy while rewarding skill, and built-in customization options that allow players to approach the game their way in both single player and multiplayer game modes.