Aimjunkies Aims to Continue Cheating Destiny

TorrentFreak has word that Phoenix Digital Group is preparing subpoenas as part of a legal battle between cheat vendor AimJunkies and Bungie, who sued the company last year for selling cheats for Destiny 2 (thanks IGN). Those charges were later dismissed, but the door was left open for further action. Apparently that's what we are in for, as the cheat vendor seems determined to prove its attempts to profit off of the game at the expense of fair play are legal. The subpoenas are said to target Google, PayPal, and Valve, and sound pretty wild. Among other things, they seek access to the Steam source code to make some sort of point about overlays, and detailed sales records in an effort to prove selling cheats actually benefited the game. The report includes this PDF with a statement from Phoenix Digital Group which, ironically, threatens legal action against those "who violated [their] Copyrights and Terms of Service." From the sound of it, this may not have been prepared by a lawyer:
The Phoenix Digital Group will not tolerate individuals or companies who violated the Aimjunkies terms of service that were agreed to by them before purchase. Phoenix Digital Group will prosecute individuals or companies who violated our Copyrights and Terms of Service to the fullest extent of the law and this is the first step down that path. We believe on information and belief an un-named employee/contractor for a un-named company purchased Aimjunkies software and turned it over to their employer to decompile and analyze. We intend to subpoena documents with actionable information to answer these questions.

Bungie claims that we created derivative works and presents images found on a competitors site claiming they are our software product. It is our belief our offering of software product was just doing what Steam and countless others do with overlays. The Steam overlay and others like, we believe are not derivative works also. We cannot speak to the site the plaintiff acquired images from and claim as ours, but it is our belief that the site the images came from sold multiple cheats with different features/functions.

Bungie also claims that we caused grievous harm to their game when in fact some of their most popular months of player counts and sales were during the time Aimjunkies offered their software products. We believe an intent to gather actionable proof of that and disprove another one of their wild assertions.

Do not believe everything you read in their filings. In fact do not believe 90% of what they assert in their filings. We believe Bungie and their counsel apparently believe the more s*** you throw at the wall the greater the possibility of something sticking with the court, no matter how ridiculous or absurd it is in the real world.

Understand cheating is not illegal and the game companies want to make it illegal because they cannot govern their own players. They are looking to the courts to do what they "Bungie" are impotent to do on their own, even with the vast resources and technologies at their disposal. They would rather suffer death by a thousand cuts than admit this is not the way to fix the problem.

We at Phoenix Digital Group have offered to work with Bungie to acquire multiple solutions to their problem. Foremost we believe would be to implement our features in a version of their game for distribution, but their pride and bully mentality prohibits them from thinking outside of the box. If they did that would there be a market for our software? It is crystal clear to us why Activision/Blizzard spun them off. Our congratulations to them for their acquisition by Sony. Hopefully wiser my minds will prevail going forward.

FYI Bungie just a friendly reminder, we do still have a first amendment!

Phoenix Digital Group LLC