Best Forklift Operator Launches

Best Forklift Operator is now out of Early Access and officially available for Windows (with VR support) on Steam. This allows players to live out the fantasy that strikes every time one passes an unattended forklift. For those who've played the Early Access version, this post outlines all that's changed in version 1.0. This also involves a reset of all progress achieved up to this point, a necessary move to prevent stability and data corruption issues. This post covers the news, offering a new Launch Trailer. Here are the forking details:

  • Best Forklift Operator is a unique game about driving a forklift - a vehicle without which world trade and logistics would stop. You can experience the challenges of a forklift operator by playing as you like: on a gamepad, steering wheel, with a mouse and keyboard, or by running the game on VR headgear.
  • Take the training and show that you are ready for the challenges. Complete tasks fast and precisely, earn money and become the king of warehouses, yards, loading, and unloading. Just be careful not to damage your equipment or products, if this happens your wallet will quickly become empty!
  • The game features a combination of faithful simulation and entertainment that forklift fans have been waiting for for a long time. This is evidenced by the Arcade mode, where you can express yourself and make a big mess in the warehouse - and best of all, instead of punishment, you get a reward for it!
  • Best Forklift Operator is a game created with the community and with a lot of dedication. The changes that the project has undergone can be checked in the update list. Currently, it is a challenging, interesting game that literally everyone can enjoy. This title shows how great the potential of forklifts is. If you are looking for digital Zen, you will find it here!