Whateverland Next Month

Caligari Games announces Whateverland will arrive on September 15th, offering a point-and-click adventure for Windows. This takes place in a surreal seting inspired by the works of Tim Burton, as seen in this trailer. This is coming to Windows on GOG.com* (where there's a free prologue) and Steam (where there's a playable demo). The premise is based on an imaginative take on the afterlife, which is somewhat like an escape room. In a twist, the game also includes a "unique in-game turn-based board game." Here's word:
Whateverland, a world where morally grey souls are banished and transformed in a darkly comical way into forms befitting their souls’ selfish desires, ends up being the perfect place for professional thief Vincent. Stranded in this weird place, Vincent must seek an escape out of a makeshift society full of people no one would ever (willingly) get a drink with alongside a newfound–and not-so-helpful–sidekick Nick.

Discover new puzzles, storylines, and endings with nonlinear progression. Branching narratives and a morality system stretch beyond the bounds of good and evil with lots of grey to play with. Vincent’s skills as a thief can help get what he needs or wants, but at a potentially steep price. Vincent’s choices lead him down different paths containing more than 20 mini-games, with not all of them discoverable on a single playthrough.
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