Cult of the Lamb Released

If you've been looking for a good cult to join, Cult of the Lamb is now available, offering a new action/adventure from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital. This is available for PC and consoles, and the Windows edition can be found on Steam along with a playable demo. This post announces the release and this Launch Trailer illustrates the news. Here are some flocking details:
In Cult of the Lamb, you play as the last Lamb who is set for execution. After death, a mysterious deity known as The One Who Waits, brings you back to life with the Red Crown and its powers. You are tasked with growing a following who will worship you and your crusades. You'll combat heretics in fast-paced dungeons and epic boss battles.

But your Followers need guidance. Keeping them satisfied and faithful is not an easy job. Satisfy their hunger, prevent wicked illness and keep their devotion high by building and growing the Cult. With these two aspects of gameplay, combat and management, you'll aim to become the one true Cult of the land.