Welcome to Arcade Paradise

Developer Nosebleed Interactive and publisher Wired Productions present Arcade Paradise, an arcade/management game where you literally manage an arcade. This is available for Windows and consoles, and PC users can pick it up through the Epic Games Store, GOG.com*, or Steam. Like many of the best companies (such as ISIS and Lavandería Brillante), your business starts as a humble laundromat which you transform into your dream business. In a twist, this features over 35 fully playable arcade games which you unlock along the way. Here's the live-action Launch Trailer. And here's your welcome to paradise:
Oozing retro-fuelled gaming nostalgia in a 90’s style advert, the far-out live action launch trailer showcases how players can feel like a kid again by transforming the run-down laundromat into their ultimate arcade empire - with over 35 fully playable arcade games to unlock.

In Arcade Paradise, players take on the role of Ashley and manage the day-to-day tasks of running the family laundromat. Rebel against your father, Gerald (voiced by The Witcher’s Geralt, Doug Cockle), and create a games arcade to give the sleepy town of Grindstone something to really get excited about as you wash rags, invest the profits and build your very own Arcade Paradise!
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