Riot Games Diversity and Inclusion Report

Riot Games has released its new Annual Diversity and Inclusion Progress Report for 2021, detailing its efforts at making its games and workplace more inclusive. Here's part of the introduction:
This report is a snapshot of 2021, which was a foundational building year that would set us up for what we believe will be a transformative next chapter at Riot. Even as there were many variables externally that led to great unpredictability, we made enhancements to processes, and continued to focus on the player experience. From giving players more ways to see themselves reflected in our games to investing more resources for the next generation of gaming professionals and creators, we moved ahead. Of course our approach to D&I as a company is not linear - there’s constant learning, evaluating, and tinkering to continuously improve and do better. Focusing on Rioters, our processes, our culture, and our products, we’ve decided there is no set bar because this work will always evolve.