Islets This Month

Solo developer Kyle Thompson and publisher Armor Games announce August 24th as the release date for Islets, the action/adventure for Windows via Steam, Xbox One, and Switch. A version for Xbox Series X|S will follow. Described as a "surprisingly wholesome metroidvania," the game is set among a world of floating islands, physics be damned. A new Release Date Trailer is here to show off what to expect. Here's the pitch:
Islets is a lush metroidvania starring Iko, a brave mouse with ambitions of setting out to explore a sky filled with scattered floating islands and communities isolated from one another after the land was fractured by a mysterious incident many years ago.

Using his trusty but rickety plane, Iko hopes to navigate the disparate landscapes and find a way to bring the world together again. However his journey will also bring him to uncover the secrets of the immemorial evil that tore his world apart in the first place.

Players will explore the world of Islets both by navigating the open skies in Iko's plane, and by exploring vivid island environments on foot. However, the adventure won't be simple, as there are unique and challenging enemies around every corner, seeking to put Iko's bravery to the test.