id Software Steam Listings Change; Demos Delisted

A post on Steam explains how the Steam listings for id Software titles have changed. In essence, the listings for various games will be consolidated into comprehensive store pages covering DOOM (1993), DOOM II, DOOM 3, Quake II, and Quake III Arena. Going forward the Steam Bundles for id games will be a DOOM Classic Bundle, a DOOM Franchise Bundle, and a Quake Collection Bundle (which is not listed as of this writing). The news also includes a list of titles which have been delisted, though these will remain in the libraries of those who already own them. The bad news is that the changes take place today, so the horse is out of the barn if you wanted to acquire any of the content before it was rearranged. Fortunately, most everything is still available in some form except three demos:
The following will no longer appear in Steam Store searches, but will remain in your installed library listings:

  • Quake II Demo
  • Quake III Arena Demo
  • Quake III Team Arena Demo
  • Quake III Team Arena (This will be included with Quake III Arena)
  • Final DOOM (This will install with DOOM II)
  • Master Levels for DOOM II (This will install with DOOM II)
  • Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning (This will be added to the Quake II launcher.)
  • Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero (This will be added to the Quake II launcher.)
  • DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil (This will install with DOOM 3.)
  • DOOM 3: BFG Edition (This will install with DOOM 3. Players that own DOOM 3: BFG will be upgraded to DOOM 3.)
  • DOOM Classic Complete Bundle (This is being replaced by the DOOM Classic Bundle.)