Train Sim World 3 Next Month

Dovetail Games announces Train Sim World 3, a new continuation of its transportation simulation coming to PC and consoles on September 6th. The Windows edition will come to both the Epic Games Store and Steam. The new game supports the DLC from its predecessors, which is a good thing, as there's just under $1400 worth of it. Train Sim World 3 goes off the rails with new features including new weather systems and a new training center for both new and returning players. Train your eyes on the Announce Trailer for a look. Here's word:
Train Sim World 3 will continue to break new ground in realism with new weather dynamics, longer routes, and a dedicated Training Center designed for new and experienced players alike. The latest iteration will also support add-ons from Train Sim World 2*, allowing players to carry all the routes and engines they own into Train Sim World 3 to continue playing some of their favorite content.

Train Sim World 3 features a brand-new dynamic weather system delivering beautiful volumetric skies, all powered by a new lighting system enhancing realism and immersion. Trains can now be driven through the extremes of weather - snow, thunderstorms, and even the dreaded leaves on the line, each altering the driving experience and requiring players to pay close attention to track conditions. While tiny compared to the mighty machines, leaves on the line pose serious challenges for drivers as they can greatly reduce the friction between wheels and rail that trains need to pull their heavy loads of goods or passengers.

In addition, the new Training Center feature offers a place to learn how to drive the locomotives featured in Train Sim World 3 on a brand-new route. With new gamers continually being introduced to the world of trains and new locomotives being added for experienced players, this feature is designed to ease everyone into the satisfying experience of operating large, powerful machines.