Railroad Corporation: Niagara River Released

Speaking of trains, Niagara River is now available on Steam, offering new DLC for Railroad Corporation, the rail sim set during the steam engine days. The title is drawn from a scenario where you must connect the United States and Canada by traversing the Niagara River (in case the 5500 miles of shared border don't serve your needs). Here's the plan:
The Niagara River DLC is another challenge, long-play scenario. You are offered a unique opportunity that will cement your place as the market leader in your field:
Connecting the United States to Canada... The caveat? You must build over the mighty Niagara River.

The construction efforts require a vast and reliable supply chain which must operate efficiently, to manage deadlines and keep the government inspectors content.

Acquire your Canadian licenses and expand your infrastructure, it is up to you to supply not one, but two sides of the river with all resources required to meet the tight schedule.
Use your experience, connections and the tools at your disposal to manage the project at all costs, be it by bribes, or by contracting with ferry services to take rudimentary shipments to the other side of the river.