Darfall Announced

Speaking of survival/city-building games by small developers, two-person studio Play Square Games announce Darfall, another entry in the subgenre coming to Steam next year. There's an Official Trailer to introduce the project. This involves the typical build by day/fight by night cycle, and combat involves direct control of your character. Here's more:
During the daytime, Darfall gives a player more breathing room, as invasions halt and the player is free to explore the map with all its secrets. But by nightfall unholy monstrosities ravage the land, and you must secure your safeguards if you’re to make it through the night.

In addition to commanding from on high, you’ll have direct control of your hero as they brave an ongoing battle.. During the daylight hours you’ll have to branch out beyond your embattled hamlet, wandering the procedurally-generated landscape beyond your home to gather supplies. Collect materials for your blacksmiths and carpenters to craft weapons, fortifications and shelter for your kinfolk.

Loot weapons and armor to make your hero more powerful. Level up to learn magical spells to heal your allies or scorch throngs of foes. Hunt wild animals in order to feed your troops.. Don’t forget to go on the offensive, ravaging nearby enemy hideouts so you can expand your town even further.