Wega: Lost in the Outer Reaches Announced

Wekthor announces Wega: Lost in the Outer Reaches, a sci-fi survival game coming later this month to Early Access on Steam. In a nice acknowledgment of the achievements of developer Unknown World, Subnautica is cited as this game's primary influence. This game trades Subnautica's water and submarines for a desert and a fancy dirt bike, as you can see in this trailer. Here's more on the game, which is the passion project of a solo developer:
Sci-fi survival game inspired by Subnautica and Star Wars. Drive speeder bike, collect resources, craft and explore an alien word. You play as Yager, elite scavenger unit, searching for resources on a desolate planet. You were chased into an unexplored region by creature you have never seen before. Now you need to survive deadly radiation, rogue drones and other local dangers, if you want to get back to Arcadia, floating mirror city, last city on this deserted planet.