Recipe for Disaster Released

Recipe for Disaster is now fully baked, and is out of the Early Access oven on Steam. This casual management sim from developer Dapper Penguin Studios and publisher Kasedo Games puts you in charge of a busy professional kitchen. In contrast to the many similar games this also includes some of the challenges that pop up in a restaurant besides remembering recipes and getting dishes out on time. You can see some of these titular disasters strike in the 1.0 Release Trailer. Here's more:
Serving up a new challenge to fans of the restaurant tycoon genre and sitting at very positive on Steam (just like a Michelin Star), Recipe for Disaster explores the complex social relationships between staff and customers, as well as the disastrous and humorous consequences of poor management in the food-service industry.

Whether in the single player campaign or freeplay mode, personality clashes and skill gaps within your staff can easily disrupt service, whilst the volatile attitudes and tastes of customers may prove to be the barrier that separates players from those all important positive review scores.

Make mouth-watering dishes with the in-game recipe editor and create a menu to propel your restaurant from a greasy spoon to one of the desired spots in town. Just know that the health-inspector and fussy VIP guests may have other ideas.