Koch Media Becomes PLAION

Koch Media announces it is now PLAION, a rebranding for the German publisher that will avoid any ongoing confusion with the Koch Brothers, Heckler & Koch, or Ed Koch. It seems like the capitalization is part of the new name, as it's shown that way consistently through the announcement. Here's word:
Our new name offers us the opportunity to build on our rich history as a publishing partner and our outstanding, constantly growing network of world-class development studios and creative people, to keep delivering premium service to our partners, to highlight our ambition as a global player within the entertainment industry but also to reinvent ourselves. Our vision is to enable and inspire our worldwide teams and partners, unlocking their full potential.

Our industry is incredibly dynamic, the expectations of our customers and our partners are continually evolving, and we must recognize this. Relying on our strong foundation whilst embracing change will deliver something new, something better. As PLAION, we're building on our years of success while striving for more, much more. PLAION is a promise to deliver outstanding entertainment to our customers. I'm happy and proud to continue our journey as PLAION."