Skin Plagiarism Accusation Dogs Call of Duty: Warzone

Polygon explains an issue that's popped up in Call of Duty: Warzone, where developer Raven stands accused of plagiarizing artwork for a new cosmetic skin for the battle royale shooter. A tweet from concept artist saillin makes the case that a "Loyal Samoyed" skin touted by Activision and Raven is based on a SAMOYE MEDICAL image posted two years ago. The companies have not responded directly, but it appears this accusation has some merit, as Polygon explains the posts promoting the new skin are being scrubbed:
Scoring headshots as a Samoyed should be cause for celebration, but an artist says that the “Loyal Samoyed” skin for Call of Duty: Warzone was plagiarized, and based on a concept they created independently more than two years ago. Following that allegation, it appears that Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software has removed images referencing the Loyal Samoyed cosmetic from its website. (The original version of Raven’s blog about Warzone season 4 included two images of the Samoyed. The current version has replaced those images.)

Concept artist Sail Lin uploaded artwork of their character, “Samoye Medical,” to the website ArtStation in December 2019. On Friday, the artist took to Twitter, saying that Activision and Raven Software plagiarized that piece of work without contacting them and without compensation.