Untamed Isles Announced

Phat Loot Studios announces Untamed Isles, a new monster collecting game in the vein of Pokémon, TemTem, and Digimon. This is expected to arrive later this year on Steam. The gimmick here is the vast number of creatures to hunt thanks to a "unique" feature called "limb-swapping." Here's a Teaser Trailer with a look, and here's word on the game's variety of targets:
Untamed Islesis breaking the rules in the monster-taming genre, launching with over one million visually and tactically unique monsters. Unlike other monster-catching games, there are only ten different base species of tames living in the Isles at launch. Each base tame’s head, front legs, back legs, torso, and tail, may be randomly mixed to create a variety of combinations. Every tame also has one of 15 mood types affecting the tame’s coloring and combat style.

New tames added to the game will further increase the combinations, creating an evolving world and expanding the player experience. Additionally, players can encounter extremely rare Gemborne and Alpha variations of tames.