Chivalry 2 Sells 2M

Publisher Tripwire Presents and developer Torn Banner Studios announce that Chivalry 2 has now sold over 2 million copies worldwide. A new Video Developer Diary 4 is here to mark the occasion, discussing the Tenosian Invasion update, and revealing future plans for the medieval combat sequel. Word is the promised effort at doubling the game's content is now complete:
As discussed in the new developer diary, Torn Banner Studios set out on a mission to double the content scope of Chivalry 2 in a single year, and has officially achieved that goal. Since launch, the team has released numerous, free content updates, adding the new weapons-free Brawl Mode, new Team Objective and Deathmatch maps, and many new weapons, just to name a few. Most recently, they launched their biggest update yet - Tenosian Invasion - alongside the game’s release on Steam, bringing mounted combat, cavalry charges, a brand-new faction, and more to Chivalry 2.