Origin Dropping BioWare Points

EA is emailing gamers to inform them that as of October 11th, the Origin Store will no longer support BioWare points (thanks Console General). This Reddit post includes the text of the message. The good news is that certain DLC previously only available to purchase with BioWare Points will be free going forward:
We’re reaching out to let you know that starting October 11, 2022, BioWare Points will no longer be available as a form of currency in the Origin store. Other currencies like Crystals and Platinum in other BioWare titles remain unaffected.

To support you through this change, most DLC (downloadable content) that was previously only purchasable with BioWare Points are now available free of charge. This includes DLC for the following titles:

  • Dragon Age II
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Mass Effect 3 (except Multiplayer Packs)

For the next 90 days, you can use your BioWare Points to purchase Multiplayer Packs for Mass Effect 3. After October 11, 2022, Multiplayer Packs will only be redeemable using Credits you’ve earned in-game.

Don’t worry — you’ll still have access to any content previously purchased using BioWare Points.

We’re here to support you if you have any questions on this, just reach out to EA Help.

Happy gaming, The EA team