Roots in the Sky - The Hand of Glory 2 Announced

Madit Entertainment and Daring Touch announce Roots in the Sky - The Hand of Glory 2. The announcement says this is coming Q3 of next year, though the Steam Listing differs, saying it's due in Q4 2023. This is a point-and-click adventure inspired by the classics in the genre. There's a chance to give your mouse pointer a workout right now, as The Hand of Glory - The Blowtorch Files is available for Windows on Steam completely free. Here's the Teaser Trailer and more:
Blending comedy, mystery and conspiracy-steeped intrigue, The Hand of Glory is a point-and-click adventure series inspired by genre classics like Gabriel Knight and Broken Sword. The first game saw disgraced former detective Lars Bundy seek redemption by pursuing the missing scion of an influential family, all while keeping a momentous personal concern a secret from those nearest to him. With help from a nerdy but talented intern named Alice, Lars soon found himself swept up in a thrilling chase from the sandy beaches of Florida to the lush green hills of Italy and a hidden temple in England.

Roots in the Sky picks up five years later, with Lars continuing to elude a rogue cult by working as a private security agent in Rome. There he tries to keep his identity secret from friends and foes alike, and his lurking personal crisis at bay. His hopes for anonymity are dashed, however, when his latest client is murdered in cold blood. Now the only way to keep his name out of the news is to solve the case himself before the police can investigate. But the hunter is also the hunted, and a deadly game of cat-and-mouse takes Lazarus and his returning cohort Alice on another epic odyssey through exotic locales in search of the truth behind a powerful artifact and an ancient legend about creation itself.