Grounded Official Release in September

The Grounded Website announces action/adventure will soon lift off, revealing an official release window for Grounded, saying Obsidian's latest will leave Early Access in September. The post is from a couple of weeks ago, so thank you to Adam for the alert that this was missed at the time. Grounded follows a Honey I Shrink the Kids theme, miniaturizing players and placing them in the harrowing environment of the backyard. You can see this in action in the Grounded Official 1.0 Trailer. Here's more:
This release will include all 12 updates already released during Game Preview/Early Access development, but now players will be able to unravel the entire mystery behind Grounded and their shrunkeness. Find out how the teens got into the yard and the mad scientist behind it in the fully playable campaign – all of which can be experienced alone or with a group of friends.

Version 1.0 will also open up an entirely new part of the Grounded world - the upper yard. This new section includes a ton more of the backyard to explore along with new armor recipes, new weapon recipes, and some secrets that we just can’t bring ourselves to spoil for you all. Nah, we will spoil something! The Mantis - an insect constantly requested by our incredible community. Finding its way into the yard as a new boss – the Mantis may be players undoing.