Blood: Fresh Supply Collector's Edition

Limited Run Games announces it is now accepting preorders for Blood: Fresh Supply Collector's Edition, a physical edition of Nightdive's remake of Blood, Monolith's 1997 first-person shooter. This contains several physical bonuses to justify its $149.99 price-tag, including a Caleb statue. It's exciting to see a physical release for a PC game, though Limited Run may find this has a limited audience, since its for a remake first released three years ago. Here's what the package includes:
Available now for pre-order, this very special and limited physical Collector’s Edition of Blood: Fresh Supply treats players to a bloody assortment of tangible goodies, such as a physical copy of the game for PC, a tombstone USB drive, a Caleb action figure, and a “blood” filled liquid mousepad! The full contents of the Blood: Fresh Supply Collector’s Edition is as follows:

  • Physical Copy of Blood: Fresh Supply for PC
  • Blood: Fresh Supply USB Drive- With Game Included
  • 10X8 Blood: Fresh Supply Art Print
  • Caleb Figure
  • Liquid Filled Mouse Pad
  • "Big Box" PC Stickers
  • KeychainBlood: Fresh Supply Pins
  • Sticker Sheet