Monster Sanctuary Remembers Forgotten World

Developer moi rai games and publisher Team17 announce the release of Forgotten World on Steam as free DLC for Monster Sanctuary, the action/tactical/RPG. This imbues the game with a Terraria-style element, as the titular Forgotten World is an entire subterranean area to explore and exploit as late-game content. For more, dive into the launch trailer and read on for details:
Forgotten World invites players to explore the game’s largest addition to date, which includes ten new monsters (five of which were designs from the community) for players to add to their team; two new outfits; 78 new skills; 13 new items, and three new game modes (Bravery Mode, Randomizer, and Permadeath) that can be combined freely, allowing players to customise their Monster Sanctuary experience for endless replayability.