Quake 4 Insider Preview

Xbox Wire invites everyone to join the Quake 4 Xbox Insider Preview (thanks Console General). This is described as "an integral part of bringing the game to Windows PC." If you're thinking that Quake 4 came to Windows PC in 2005 upon the launch of the first-person shooter sequel, you'd be 100% correct. So what's going on here is not even a little clear, though we imagine it has something to do with Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax. Here's word to see if you can make sense of what's going on:
Xbox Insiders on Windows PC are invited to preview Quake 4. Originally released in 2005, players lead the invasion of an alien planet in this epic, narrative-driven and action-packed FPS from the award-winning id Software and Raven Software.

Check out the Xbox Insider Hub on Windows PC to join the preview today! This preview is an integral part of bringing the game to Windows PC, and we are delighted that you’ll be a part of it!