Denuvo SecureDLC Announced

Denuvo announces Denuvo SecureDLC, a new DRM product intended to defend downloadable content from piracy, even if the base game is free-to-play. Here's more on this latest product to torture both legitimate customers and pirates:
In addition to the actual game purchase, gaming revenue also comes from selling additional content and microtransaction-based purchases, presenting significant revenue generation opportunities for game developers and publishers. While selling additional content is an important revenue stream, it has become easy to bypass the existing barriers that try to secure DLCs on popular gaming platforms like Steam and Epic. By using public and easily accessible tools, players can automatically generate and install programs that access downloadable content without paying for it.

While some DLCs are offered for free, players typically must pay additional fees to unlock new content or features. They are usually extensions for a base game and can be anything from cosmetic items, new characters, weapons, and power-ups to big content updates for a game that are only included in certain versions of the game (like a collectors’ edition) or must be purchased separately.

The industry’s first secure solution can be applied to games that are free to play and rely on revenue stream entirely from DLCs, and also on games that are currently protected by the existing Denuvo Anti-Tamper product.