Acolyte Released

Acolyte is now out on Steam, offering a narrative ARG where you play as a detective. The game's titular Acolyte is a digital assistant with which you can converse "freely without pre-defined dialogue options." The Launch Trailer shows this unusual mechanic in action. Siri? Can you provide more details on the game?
Acolyte invites players to become an employee of Nanomax – a well-funded tech start-up looking to change the face of consumer AI. As a remote QA tester for the company, players will interact with its staff and absorb its culture, but unexplained firings, missing employees and a strange, highly-classified bug in the Acolyte code-base point to something being very wrong.

If you've ever dreamed of having your own PA who you can solve crimes and take down corrupt institutions with, Acolyte very much ticks that box.