DNF Duel Released

Arc System Works announces the release of the PC and PlayStation editions of DNF Duel, an action/fighting game. This is a completely Duke Nukem Forever-free experience, as DNF in this case is Nexon's Dungeon&Fighter, spelling be damned. Here's a recent Promotional Trailer with a look. Here's the quick pitch:
Published by Nexon Korea Corporation, and co-developed by Arc System Works and Nexon subsidiary NEOPLE INC. using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, DNF Duel reimagines the franchise’s iconic classes into a 2.5D fighter utilizing unique combat mechanics for strategic fighting. Franchise fans can enjoy immersive combat featuring beloved Dungeon&Fighter playable characters each with their own skills and personalities, including Berserker, Crusader, Dragon Knight, Enchantress, Ghostblade, Grappler, Inquisitor, Kunoichi, Launcher, Swift Master, Troubleshooter, Vanguard, and more. Launch will feature first-in-class rollback netcode support as well.