Blanc Announced

Gearbox Publishing and developer Casus Ludi announce Blanc, a co-op adventure coming to PC and Switch. The Windows version will come to the Epic Games Store and Steam, and each currently reflects a February 2023 release Window. The protagonists are a wolf cub and a fawn who form an unusual friendship to try and reunite with their families during a snowstorm. The Announcement Trailer reveals a beautiful hand-drawn art style, though it is labeled "not actual gameplay." Here's word:
Blanc, an artistic cooperative adventure game offering a breathtaking hand-drawn experience, was unveiled today by Gearbox Publishing and Casus Ludi. Players will be drawn into an endearing, artistic cooperative adventure that follows the journey of a stranded wolf cub and a fawn as they overcome the odds to find their families. Adults and children alike will enjoy the heart-warming story when Blanc launches in February 2023 on Nintendo Switch and on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.