EVE Online Overhauling Graphics and New Player Experience

It's all about EVE on the EVE Online Website where there are details on EVE Evolved, a visual overhaul of EVE Online representing "CCP Games’ commitment to keep EVE Online at the forefront of visceral supremacy." This involves changes under the hood, adding DirectX 12 support, and more. Here's a new trailer with a first look. The post also includes details on a new version of the new player experience. The space-based MMORPG is notoriously ruthless, and this is the latest effort at allowing new players to get their feet wet before they are overwhelmed. Here's word on that:
New players getting their teeth into career agents now will be in for a treat. Career agent missions feature remastered environments designed to entice and to create an immersive experience like no other. The Enforcer career agent is seeing further improvements that shape what is to come: a modernized conversation window (when using Photon UI) and highlights to help guide new players.

The AIR Career Program (ACP) works with and follows on from each career agent, taking players down four career paths of recommended EVE content. Players are rewarded handsomely as they complete goals with support from recommended Skill Plans. The ACP culminates in a graduation moment, sending players out as capable Capsuleers ready to tackle the challenges of New Eden!