Out of the Blue

We had our weekly trip to the farm Friday to pick up our CSA share. In addition to a box of veggies, this time there were three different pick-your-own crops in the mix. This activity seems a little more like being a farm worker every week, but it's still fairly novel. Our labors netted us a handful of parsley, and small portions of raspberries and sugar snap peas. Collecting the parsley was trivial, as it just involved grabbing an handful and cutting the base, and we were done. The raspberries were pretty easy too. We had them in our garden when I was a kid, and you basically just tug on them gently, and if they come free, they're ready to eat. Those peas, though! The pickings were kind of slim to start with, and the pods blend in nicely, so there was a lot of labor under the hot sun for under a half-pint of peas. The only way this was worth it is if it turns out we can use them to grow a magic beanstalk. Peastalk?

Obituary: Gaming legend Bernie Stolar passes away.

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