HYENAS Announced

Creative Assembly and SEGA announce HYENAS, a multiplayer first-person shooter centered around space piracy, which is always the best kind of piracy. The announcement includes a cinematic Announce Trailer as well as word that signups for alpha testing are now underway on the official HYENAS Website. Try to keep a straight face as you read about a natural disaster caused by all those billionaires finally leaving for Mars, turning the Earth into the taint of the solar system:
In HYENAS, the world is broken… literally. The billionaires have finally made it to Mars, leaving Earth and their tax bills far behind. But then, disaster: the zero-gravity tech that powered their journey shatters Earth, abandoning the populace in a drifting slum lovingly referred to as the “Taint.” The only thing the rich care for is rare Merch, pop culture swag looted from the ruins of Earth, which they buy for exorbitant amounts to furnish their Martian mansions. The Hyenas are here to steal it back.

Huge spaceship shopping malls known as Plunderships are full of nostalgic goodies, plucked from Earth and shipped to Mars for sale. They’re also packed with the sort of hired thugs, alarm systems and armed drones that only the hyper-rich can afford. Assemble your crew of Hyenas from a ragtag cast of uniquely skilled and armed criminal misfits to get in, get the Merch and get the hell out. Problem is, you’re not the only crew on the scene...