World of Warcraft Dragonflight This Year

Speaking of Blizzard, the company announces that the Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft takes flight later this year. Despite the vague release date, digital pre-purchases are now underway on the World of Warcraft Website, offering various bonuses to inspire your advance purchase. Like so many MMORPG expansions, this one goes to 11:
The Dragon Isles feature four lush new zones for players to adventure through on their journey to the new level cap of 70: the vibrant Waking Shores, the verdant Ohn’ahran Plains, the sprawling Azure Span, and the resplendent Thaldraszus. Dragonriding, a new method of aerial movement, empowers players to soar through the skies of each new area in style atop customizable Dragon Isles Drakes. The isles are home to the all-new playable Dracthyr allied race, who mix the magics of the dragonflights with ranged damage and healer specializations as a solely dedicated Evoker hero class that start off at level 58.