Top Steam Releases for May

Also from Valve is this List on Steam outlining the most successful new releases on Steam during the month of May. This runs down the bestselling new premium games, as well as the free-to-play titles with the most engagement. This blog post discusses the news, noting a third of the titles on the list incorporate sandbox elements. It also notes that this month marks the fifth anniversary of the launch of Steam Direct, the replacement for the active curation of the now-defunct Steam Greenlight program. Here's word on that:
This month's Top Release list also comes on the five year anniversary of Steam Direct making its debut on the platform. When launched in 2017, the primary goal for Steam Direct was pretty simple: streamline the game submission process making it easier for developers to get their creations into the hands of players. There are obviously more specifics to the design and its evolution, but the fun part comes when browsing the variety of success stories in each month's latest Top Releases: polished franchise releases like Sniper Elite 5, Early Access surprise hits like V Rising, hidden gems from small development teams like SUNNY SIDE UP, along with a host of other content from studios around the world.