Asym Altered Axis Announced

Publisher/developer mixi announces Asym Altered Axis, an asymmetrical multiplayer game coming to PC. The game's Steam Listing is online, saying that alpha testing is expected to begin "this fall." The twist here is how the game pits one player using a real-time strategy game to compete against five players who are playing a stealth/action game. The Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer offers a first look at how that works. Read on for more details:
Asym Altered Axis pits a real-time strategy player against up to 5 players playing cooperative stealth action. The strategy player sets the deadly stage with a variety of traps and units while the action player team has to then infiltrate the level to steal the valuable Cell Nexus. The battle starts in total darkness with the strategy player searching for the action players from the skies, using the light trails generated from the action players as clues. Once the action players are discovered or the Cell Nexus is stolen, the stage suddenly lights up and all traps come alive, dramatically changing the pace of the game from tense stealth action into a flashy cat-and-mouse chase! Who will prevail: the Action players who can steal the Cell Nexus and successfully escape, or the Strategy player who captures all Action players?