Diablo Tattoo Tour

Blizzard News announces to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Diablo it is launching the Diablo Hell's Ink Tattoo Shop Takeover Tour. This recalls a time when permanently inscribing your passion for Blizzard was a no-brainer for many gamers. It may be a harder sell lately, but never say never. The post shows the tour starting in L.A. on July 16th and concludes in Sydney on September 10th. There's also a competition to win a free tattoo. Interested? Stay a while and listen:
We want to hear what makes Diablo special to you! To enter for a chance to win a custom Diablo tattoo from one of these incredible headlining tattoo artists, share your connection to the Diablo franchise on social media with us via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram—accompanied with the hashtag #DiabloHellsInk and the hashtag of the Hell’s Ink takeover city closest to you (#LA, #CHI, #NYC, #MIA, #LDN, #BER, #MEL, or #SYD).

Submissions open June 14 at 10 a.m. PDT and close on June 21 at 10 a.m. PDT. Winners will be contacted via direct message on their respective social media platform to verify eligibility and other prize-receipt details.