Get Armor of Heroes for Free

Relic Games announces it is celebrating its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter-century of strategy gaming. To commemorate the occasion, the Relic 25th Anniversary Sale is underway, offering savings of up to 85% on the company's titles. There's also one 100% discount to be had, as everyone is entitled to a free copy of Armor of Heroes as long as they claim the mini-game by Thursday. To get in on this offer you'll need to sign up on this page. Here's how that works:
The game is free to keep if you redeem it by the 23rd of June.

  • To redeem the game head to:
  • You will need to log in [or sign up] and then click the main banner to arrive at the rewards page
  • Link your steam account on the rewards page
  • Once you have linked your account, you will need to claim your copy
  • The button to claim is found where the previous link Steam account button was previously placed